Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cleaning 101*

Cleaning 101*
Unless you are Angelina Jolie or Princess Katherine then I imagine you use a sponge on a regular basis. I am all about helping a sister out so here are some tips I have gathered along the way.

-       Buy more then one. Costco has bulk cleaners. You can save money & time. I put one set of cleaners, along with a set of toilet brush, sponges, etc. under each appropriate sink.
-       Clean more frequently. If you wipe down you sink once a week (or have your child accomplish the task) it will take less time & require less elbow grease to come clean.
-       Make a schedule. Assign 1-2 tasks a day. That way you don’t spend a whole day cleaning.
-       Set a timer. You will be amazed how quick each task is.
-       Whistle while you work. Sing, pray, put on a podcast, or phone a friend. We are pro multi-taskers.

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