Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Life

Lately our family time has only consisted of 15 minute dinners. We are in need of a family make over. I am tired of being stuck in the daily grind. Here are some tips I am trying to implement into our family life.

  • Pick a family night. Set a side one night a week for family time. Make it special by getting a dessert, play a board game, & including a family devotional time. 
  • Put a family day to exercise on the calendar at least once a month. Take your bikes to the park, beach, or just in your neighborhood. Go for a walk. Play baseball or any sport together.
  • Design a family crest. Sit down with whole family & draw out a crest that represents your family best. Have one hanging in child's room. Let them know they are part of something special.
  • Try something new together. Even if it doesn't go as planned, teaching your children to step out of there box can be life changing
  • Set goals for the whole family. Work together to find each other's strengths. Then let the person pick something they would like to work on about themselves. Brain storm ideas to reach this goal. Write it down, sign it, & put it where the family member will see it.
For more great ideas check out Bill & Pam Farrel's site http://www.love-wise.com/index.php

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